Friday, October 13, 2006

HOT OFF THE SHOW! Senator says Stop! Eminent Domain

Senator Tom McClintock on Thursday's show on Eminent Domain Abuse. Putting his weight behind the Protect Our Homes Initiative, the Senator tells why we must put a stop to the eminent domain abuses homeowners and small businesses are experiencing since the Supreme Court’s outrageous Kelo decision. Plus an unbelievable proposal to make land-grabbing legal in California…and coming to a county near you.

Here's some quick links on the subject:

Protect Our Homes website

End of eminent domain abuse close to ballot

Kelo Therapy

Eminent Domain Being Abused?

Eminent domain abuse in America

Eminent-domain abuse widespread

Plus Orlean Koehle was back talking about an outrageous local example of landgrabbing.

Hear the show all weekend long. (See 10/12/06)


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