Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Help Stop Google's Hosting 'Boy-love' Site

One of our writers for WOMANTalk, Stacy Harp, was featured on WorldNetDaily Monday for her push to expose Google's hosting a 'boy-love' site.

She first wrote about "the child-predator boy-love revival blog" hosted on Google's website Blogger here.

A family therapist intern Stacy feels strongly about the impact on children, having been a victim of child sexual abuse herself.

Please join those who are putting pressure on Google to have this blog removed and others like it.

You can do that by contacting Google directly at 650-253-0000 and letting them know that you want them to protect our children by removing blogs that promote child abuse and pedophilia.

Stacy is Founder & President of Active Christian Media and writes for Voice of the Martyr's Persecution Blog, our WOMANTalk site and her own blog, Writing Right, where you can read updates on this issue.


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