Friday, April 07, 2006

Horowitz vs. Churchill Debate - Didn't End There

Everyone's talking about the debate which was at the heart of what the battle on college campuses is all about today, between former leftest/Black Panther, now conservative author and founder of, David Horowitz and Professor Ward Churchill, who after the debate defended his leftest, America's-at-fault for 9/11 position on FOX News Hannity & Columes tonight. Sean just wouldn't let him rest, calling for his apology for calling those who died in the trade towers 'little Eichmanns', which he refused to do. had a live broadcast of the debate at Georgetown University, held by Students for Academic Freedom. The heart of the debate was the question of whether politics should be in the classroom, & why or why not? Horowitz said, no and did a fantastic job with his argument. Churchill said, yes politics should be in the classroom and it can't be prevented.

If you missed it Rightalk will have it streamed shortly, so keep checking back. You can also hear my show today on The China Threat with David Chu of the China Support Network and Major James Linzey of Operation Freedom. If you're not up on China's slave-labor camps and forced organ donation or their training Mexican soldiers you can still hear the show online here. It's IPOD-able, too.

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