Friday, April 14, 2006

HOT OFF THE SHOW! No Match for "The Passion"

It's Easter week, today is Good Friday, and as is becoming more and more commonplace around Christian holidays, there is a group that is waging war against Easter.

On their website, called War on Easter, they admit to hiding copies of the DVD, The God Who Wasn't There, and other items in churches, "to be found by the unsuspecting," and declare that "This Easter, even churches are not safe from the truth."

Just look at the line-up the documentary features: director of the film, Brian Flemming, who calls himself an atheist Christian, Robert M. Price, Professor of Biblical Criticism at the Center for Inquiry Institute, a fellow of the Jesus Seminar, and author of Deconstructing Jesus, professor Richard Dawkins, possibly the world’s best known atheist, an evolutionary biologist and author of several books, author Sam Harris, who won the 2005 PEN Award for his book The End of Faith, which argues that religious faith poses the greatest danger to the human race, and historian Richard Carrier, a philosopher and historian, whose latest book is Sense and Goodness Without God.

The film's trailer makes unsubstantiated claims, in much the same fashion as Michael Moore does in his anti-Bush DVDs.

Whether it's the release of the supposed "gospel of Judas" which claims Judas was a hero and that Jesus schemed with Judas to have him betray him, or "The God Who Wasn't There" film, The goal is to attack people's belief in God. And while they may snag a few vulnerable people in their net, the catch is nothing compared to the numbers and impact Mel Gibson's "The Passion" has had on people.

Man has been trying to wipe Jesus off the hearts of mankind, like radical Muslims have been trying to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, but in both cases, they are never successful.

I discussed this on the show Wednesday with my guests, Pastors David Hughes and Steve Reyes. I hope you can tune in to hear it, as they tell some of the amazing stories that came out of "The Passion" such as the man who admitted to a murder that had been settled as a suicide, after seeing the movie. They also tell the meaning of some of the symbolism in the movie, such as the meaning of the baby satan was carrying in one of the scenes. By the way, did you know that both of the actors who played Paul and Judas in the movie came to faith in Christ after being in the film?

I also encourage you to tune in today to hear an incredible story of how one actress came through her personal experience with AIDS.

By the way, as would be expected, the Pope denounced the claims in the 'gospel of Judas' calling Judas a betrayer, not a special disciple with secret knowledge given only to him by Jesus, as the purported ancient document claims.

Here the show on The Passion(See 4/12/06)


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