Friday, April 28, 2006

More Apostates of Islam

Erick Stakelbeck,Correspondent/Terrorism Analyst for CBN News, who has been a guest on the show several times, will have his story air on the 700 Club on the plight of apostates from Islam.

On the heels of the Abdul Rahman fiasco in Afghanistan, this story is particularly important. He was able to interview the renowned scholar and author, Ibn Warraq, for this piece, as well as a man who converted from Islam to Christianity and was severely persecuted for it by Muslims--right here in the West. Their insights into the dangers faced by those who dare leave Islam are chilling and invaluable, as are their prescriptions for what the West needs to do about it.

The story airs today at 9 am and 11 pm EST on the ABC Family Channel (check local listings). You can also watch it under the 700 Club section at Just click on "Watch Now". The piece comes on right after the first commerical break, about 13:56 into the program.


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