Friday, May 05, 2006

Netanyahu on Iran & Hamas

Benjamin Netanyahu was on FOX News' Neil Cavuto show today. When asked if he thought Iran wants to use nuclear power for peaceful purposes, Netanyahu's response was, "Are you kidding? They have oil coming out of their nostrils." That they don't need nuclear technology for energy. They've said what they want to do with Israel - wipe it off the map. They want to use nuclear weapons to threaten and expand terrorism, and get control of oil and Arab nations.

When asked about Israel giving more territory to Hamas he said it doesn't/won't work. Iran's president's greatest fans are Hamas, which wants Israel destroyed. He told Neil that only when we see Hamas' suicide kindergarten camps, the sermons to destroy Israel stopped in their mosques, etc. then perhaps some serious talking could begin.

Asked if he would like to be Israel's Prime Minister again, he responded, "Someday." Which would be tremendous.

Watch the FOX News video of Netanyahu here.

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