Saturday, May 27, 2006

WOMANTALK FRIDAY - We're No Code Pink Ladies!

WOMANTalk Honors our Troops, both Fallen and Serving on today's Memorial Day weekend show, by exposing the real mentality and agenda of CODE PINK and other anti-war groups.

You can click on the graphic to listen to the show online.

Memorial DayLinks:
President Bush's Memorial Day Proclamation

How are you observing Memorial Day this year?
Idea: Here's what co-host Audrey Russo will be doing in New York - We are going into the city, on Sunday, for 'Fleet Week 2006' ...the Navy comes into the city (about 6,000 strong) and it's an opportunity to thank them for their service, and honor them. There are great ships in port, and the Marines and Navy perform different demonstrations. It's a great time for all! We do a lot of walking, eat a lot of good food, and try to bless each serviceman we meet. Monday, we'll attend the parade in town and the Memorial service that follows at the monuments...service members deliver speeches...

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