Friday, June 09, 2006

WOMANTALK FRIDAY - Advocating for Women from the Right

At last... Addressing Women's Issues from the Right

Through Changing Worldviews Sharon has been an advocate for our troops, our families, the innocent and those discriminated against. Now, through WOMANTalk we are advocating for women and young girls, such as in our upcoming two-part special on Polygamy's Victims with author, Andrea Moore Emmett, of "God's Brothel". This issue is much more far reaching than just the legality of polygamy. The abuses of rape, incest and violence of women and young girls is heart-wrenching. This story needs to be told, and the Big Lie of HBO's "Big Love" needs to be exposed.

Will you help us get the word out to as many as possible?

Everyone needs to hear these two shows!
Coming up June 16th and 23rd
Mark your calendar now and please help us spread the word.

In the meantime, if you missed today's broadcast on Transitional Democracy you can hear it online by clicking the link below.

Plus, check out what our team of writers have said this week at

How to Spot a Dangerous Man BEFORE You Get Involved - Red Flag Questionnaire
by Sandra Brown

Hypocrisy of Hollywood – They Can Bash Christians, but Scientology is Off-Limits,
by Katharine DeBrecht

Go Slow on Mental Health Screening,
by Dr. Karen Effrem

Journalists Applaud al-Zarqawi's Death,
by Sharon Hughes

The Booming Better Baby Business,
by Jennifer Lahl

No Child Left Behind getting a facelift,
by Julie Quist

The Octopus Chronicles - Arm 2: Educational Reach ofGlobalism,
by Debra Rae

Abbas: Paltering Peace Partner,
by Audrey Russo

Hear the show (See 6/9/06)


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