Friday, June 16, 2006

WOMANTALK FRIDAY - HBO's "Big Love" is a Big Lie!

At last...
Addressing Women's Issues from the Right

Oprah may be crashing weddings and the Food Network may be turning up the grill, but there's much more to talk about...

There are women who may have started out wearing rose colored glasses but soon found out that the 'rose garden' they were promised was a lie.

I'm not talking about mere disappointment in relationships. I'm talking about lies, corruption, abuse and heart-wrenching situations many women find themselves victims of, with little help to escape. I'm talking about the victims of polygamy.

Our WOMANTalk two-part Special on "Polygamy's Victims" airing today, June 16th and 23rd, uncovers a web of fear and threats, few find the courage and help they need to escape, as those who are elected or appointed to protect them...don't. Why? That's what we expose.

Please help me get the word out on this very important two-part Special and to expose the big lie about HBO's 'Big Love.'

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