Thursday, June 29, 2006

Your Answers on Flag Desecration

Thank you for responding. Survey showed overwhelmingly in favor of the ban. Some really great responses. Some too long to post all, but here is a taste from the first seven responses:

In my opinion, burning the American flag is like spitting in the face of every American and I would have voted in favor of a ban- absolutely. To me, the flag is not an idol, but a symbol representing the blood that was shed for freedom...Raymond Reinhold Holmes

I look at our flag the same as our Constitution. Don't mess with them or you are on the fighting side of me...Ray Thornhill

I would support flag burning if the 34 senators who voted NO would wrap themselves up in it first and then allow their constituents to toss them into an inferno of flames. Put Ted Kennedy in the first one, Hitlery second...Nedd Kareiva, Director, Stop the ACLU Coalition

Yes, I probably would have voted to ban flag burning, etc. I am torn because I don't think that the greatness of a nation is measured by the number of laws on the books but...We do enjoy unfathomable liberty and freedom of speech in the United States, and we must protect those rights...Karen Gibson

I would have voted for the amendment to stop flag burning...Edward E. Weinblum

Absolutely, desecrating our flag is no different than attacking the twin towers. It is an attack on our heritage and hate towards our democracy and way of life...Greg Crabtree


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