Wednesday, July 26, 2006

HOT OFF THE SHOW! Gay America Increasing - at Miss Universe Pageant

Randy Thomasson joined me on the show today to talk about 3 crucial bills before the Calfiornia state legislature having to do with mandating the teaching of the homosexual, bi-sexual and trans-sexual lifestyles in classrooms. And I embellished the topic with the background of how we got to where we are with only 2% of the population making extraordinary gains in public opinion and policy.

Did you know, as reported by WorldNetDailythis week, that NBC "struts 'gay' jokes all over Miss Universe" with 'Queer Eye' star Carson Kressley.

"With some of the world's most beautiful women on display at tonight's Miss Universe Pageant in Los Angeles, viewers of the NBC broadcast were exposed to a celebration of homosexuality with continuous "gay" jokes and innuendo...(such as) 'I also loved Miss Puerto Rico. Again I have to confess I was looking at her dress, I was kind of mesmerized.'

Hear the show (See 7/26/06)


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