Thursday, July 13, 2006

Protesting the New York Times - A Jew Fights the Battle at Home

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While Israel is in the midst of their own war on terror, our friend, Rabbi Aryeh Spero of Caucus for America spearheaded a protest of the New York Times on Monday because of their agenda against the war in Iraq.

TWICE they’ve published National Security SECRETS AND HURT AMERICA IN THE WAR ON TERROR.

It Appears they’re helping the enemy in a time of war.

THEY’VE PUT US AND OUR CHILDREN AT RISK FOR FUTURE ATTACK…AND IT’S UP TO US TO FIGHT BACK! – Fight Back before they divulge even more secrets.


If you recall, Rabbi Spero also stood on the streets of New York handing out "It's Okay to Say Merry Christmas" bumper stickers last December. He's terrific! You can catch his radio show on Rightalk.


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