Thursday, August 17, 2006

HOLLYWOOD 'HITS': Hillary's Hollywood Donors & Her Offer to 'house-sit' the White House

First, did you know Hillary Clinton offered to 'White house sit' for the President this month while he is 'on vacation?' She said, "I would water plants and take in the mail, and if any Presidential Daily Briefings come across the desk with titles like 'Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the U.S.,' I would read those for him."

No joke. She's getting a little over-anxious, wouldn't you say?

So are her admirers...Hollywood Hillary Hopefuls are giving lots of $$$'s to her campaign cofferes as recent campaign finance reports show:

Tom Hanks - $4,200; Bette Midler gave the maximum allowed by law, $4,200; so did actor James Caan. Donald Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples gave $2,000; Rob Reiner gave $3,200; Billy Crystal = $4,000; and Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger gave $2,100. Others included Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, Chris Rock.

FOX News reports:
"The itemized donations were made public Wednesday, with the paperwork for April through June more than 4,000 pages. In that period, Clinton raised almost $5.7 million, bringing her total for her re-election effort to $43 million to date. She had more than $22 million cash on hand."


the influx of $$$'s at a party that caused her trouble, when her former finance director during her 2000 Senate race, David Rosen, faced three counts of filing a false statement for a lavish 2000 Hollywood fund-raising party with stars like Jennifer Aniston, Cher, Diana Ross, Brad Pitt and more.

Rosen denied knowing the party $$$'s were other than reported.


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