Wednesday, August 02, 2006

HOT OFF TUESDAY LIVE! Local Property Rights Grabbed

Maria from Sebastopol, California called into the show today about the GP2020 (General Plan) her county is adopting which will take some of her land because a stream runs through it. Here's her email account:

The planning commission of Sonoma County is adopting a new general plan that will have horrific effects on our lives. It is a serious and evident land grab...The land grab initiative has been fought in both Napa and Santa Cruz counties recently with a poor outcome. I am saddened that Sonoma County has come to this end. The Sierra Club, et al, is fighting hard to take away what we cherish. I attended the first large meeting of the planning commission on GP 2020 and it has impacted me greatly. If they meet their end goal, it will bankrupt quite a few of us. As an example: I have a 3 acre piece of properly. I have it mortgaged and taxed for 3 acres. The county passes this general plan... I must not use 1 1/2 acres of my land since a little winter stream goes through it. I must remove my fence that protects my property and my children when they play outside.(If)I want to sell my house and land... Now, I must sell it as a 1 1/2 acre site, since 1 1/2 acres was taken by the county and deemed the land of the animal kingdom, but I still carry the mortgage on the full 3 acres. The county has no plans to reimburse my losses.

I have attached an article with download attachments, please go to the following website:
Click on General Plan Update. Then, under Key Documents, click "Issue Summaries." Scroll to page 19, where you will see what our county has planned for us.

Unbelievable. We will do a follow-up on this.

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