Wednesday, August 16, 2006

HOT OFF TUESDAY LIVE! Mosques in Britian Hide Weapons

Talked about the latest terror plot that was thwarted in the UK last week, on the show today, asking listeners if it has heightened their concern of more attempted attacks on the U.S.?

One listener, Wes from El Sobrante sent an email saying:
"Since there haven't been any hijackings or major attacks since 9/11, my confidence is fairly high. However, the "liquid explosives" plot and the strange men purchasing mass quantities of cell phones illustrates several points:

1) Jihadis ARE out there, waiting and plotting.
2) They have strange imaginations, and so should we.
and 3) Intelligence is vital, no matter what the NY
Times thinks."

Jim Kouri, VP of National Assn of Chiefs of Police writes in, "Britain's Muslim Clerics Command Secret Militias"...scary!
"Now that radical imam Abu Hamza is a convicted felon and probably will be extradited and face terror charges in the United States, clerics from other mosques are finally coming forward to tell the world how Hamza sent teams of young supporters -- his own private militia -- in Britain with orders to takeover other mosques.

Several clerics told stories of being threatened by gangs claiming to be members of Abu Hamza’s Supporters of Sharia group. Some of the clerics were beaten inside their own mosques, and worshippers were bullied into finding new places to pray -- and the police refused to intervene, they claim.

One police official, under condition of anonymity, said that law enforcement executives in Britain were overly cautious about their interaction with Muslim leaders and their mosques. He claims that several radical Islamic clerics possess their own private militias -- fully armed and operating in total secrecy.

Police came underfire when they swarmed one mosque with search warrants in hand. To their credit they uncovered a cache of weapons, forged identity documents and recipes for chemical weapons such as the highly dangerous Ricin; all of it hidden in the mosque.

The stash of equipment included chemical warfare protection suits, or NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) suits, as they are technically known. British detectives believe the equipment and weapons were being used in terror training camps located somewhere within the United Kingdom."

When are we going to get it that they mean business?

Read the rest of Jim's article HERE.


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