Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bill Maher Bashes Bush & Christianity

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough aired an interview yesterday that he did with Bill Maher, which Noel Sheppard wrote about at Bush, Republicans and longing for Bill Clinton...
Maher said, “I think the science has decided: Yes, George Bush is an idiot.” Yet, in Maher’s view, it’s not just that “he can`t string a sentence together” or that he “looks like an idiot when he speaks.” It’s his policies: “It really doesn`t explain not getting on board with global warming, or fighting the wrong war, or sitting there for seven minutes on 9/11. All that stuff doesn`t have to do with articulation; it has to do with someone who really is in way over his head.”
Hannity and Colmes also had Maher on last night, when he talked about how ABC didn't want him on their "Free Speech" segment, that he would have talked about his usual criticism of Christianity/religion, (remember, he said Christians have a neurological disorder?) and argued that they shouldn't call the show "Free Speech" if they don't want controversy.

I am frankly amazed that they gave him the air time. He's like Al Frankin. Funny, I guess? Opinionated, absolutely. But politically newsworthy? I don't think so.

But then controversy sells.


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