Thursday, September 07, 2006

HOT OFF THE SHOW! Iranian Leaders Come to America?

Great show on Wednesday with Erick Stakelbeck, terrorism analyst with CBN. We talked about who pulls Iran's strings, and Iran's Hezbollah-loving former President Khatami being given a pass to come to America to speak...clearly a man who is in the enemy's camp...the moderates think this is diplomacy. Unbelievable!

But Gov. Romney refuses 'protection' for Khatami when he comes to Harvard which invited him to speak on Sept. 10th. For such visits the U.S. is usually responsible for providing security (which taxpayers pay for). Good for Romney.

I'm sure you know by now that Iran's current prez Ahmadinejad challenged President Bush to a live debate at the UN when he comes next week...on the 19th, the same day Pres. Bush is scheduled to addresss the UN.

It's like a three-ring circus out there! Only the clowns are our enemies, putting on a 'show' that liberals are buying tickets to...but all clear thinking folks aren't. Thank God!

Hear the show (See 9/6/06)


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