Saturday, September 23, 2006

NBC: Veggie Tales - Too Much God

WorldNetDaily reports that the very popular VeggieTales kids videos which are to air on NBC on Saturday mornings, but only with certain edits, ie removing the words 'God' and 'Bible.'

Originally the network said the edits were because of time limits, it now has said, according to Phil Vischer, co-creator of Veggie Tales, "They now acknowledge the cuts they requested and explain that they don't want to air programming that offends or excludes any individual religious group. This is why, one would assume, they are also rethinking the Madonna-on-a-cross..."

Vischer also said, "As a guy deeply involved with the project, I know that (original NBC) statement is false. We sent them our first episode for TV, which was already edited to EXACTLY the right length, and they rejected it because, at the end, Bob the Tomato said, 'Remember kids, God made you special and he loves you very much.' They demanded we remove that line. The show wasn't too long, it was too religious."


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