Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Global Warming
"The answer to global warming is in the abolition of private property and production for human need. A socialist world would place an enormous priority an alternative energy sources. This is what ecologically-minded socialists have been exploring for quite some time now." -Louis Proyect, Columbia University

Pope's Comments on Islam
"The Pope should fall on his knees in front of a senior Muslim cleric and try to understand Islam." -Cleric Ahmad Khatami

Jews "must be butchered and must be killed." -Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, Rector of Advanced Studies at the Islamic University in Gaza and a member of the Sharia [Islamic law] Rulings Council.

"The theory that is gaining force is that the U.S. empire planned and conducted this terrible act against its own people to justify its aggression." -Hugo Chavez

Child Soldiers
"I'm happy to die for my country, as long as a couple of Israeli soldiers die, too." -12-year-old boy from Beit Jala (Jerusalem Post)


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