Wednesday, September 13, 2006

YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING! Quotes of the Week

9/11 Terrorists
"Among the devout group which responded to the order of Allah and order of his messenger were the heroes of Sept. 11, who wrote with the ink of their blood the greatest pages of modern history." -Narrator of latest Al Qaeda video referring to the hijackers who flew planes into the Pentagon and World Trade Center

9/11 Conspiracy Theories
"The cell phone calls were fake -- no ifs, ands or buts." -Dylan Avery producer of conspiracy film, "Loose Change," saying Mark Bingham never called his mom on a cell phone from the cabin of Flight 93

al-Qaeda Video
"He is talking to you about the fate which awaits every human, an extremely grave issue in which there is no joking, procrastination or backtracking." -Ayman al-Zawahiri speaking of Adam Yehiye Gadahn's threat, the American Muslim convert from California on recent video

"So Ham's wife that was preserved on the Ark was a Negro of the seed of Cain and there was a priestly purpose in it, that the Devil would have a representation as well as God." -Warren Jeffs


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