Tuesday, October 31, 2006

HOT OFF THE SHOW! Election 2006 - Scary Propositions

While residents of an exclusive neighborhood in Santa Rosa, California are readying for tonight’s Halloween onslaught, with residents there stockpiling huge amounts of candy – some spending from $200 to $500 so as not to run out...that’s scarey... even more scary are some of the ballot propositions on this Nov. 7th’s ballot.


1) TIGHT RACE FOR PROP. 85: As it stands, Proposition 85, California's parental notification for abortion initiative, is being barraged by TV ads funded by Planned Parenthood. The latest poll conducted by Datamar, Inc. shows 46.3 percent of California residents support Prop. 85 while 45.2 percent oppose it. Unless conservatives "get out the vote" and vote in droves for pro-parent, pro-life values, Prop. 85 could narrowly lose and secret abortions will continue unabated behind parents' backs. Don't let this happen.

According to YesonProposition85 Planned Parenthood intends to spend as much as $4.8 million on a television ad campaign and has amassed over $15.6 million to defeat the Parents’ Right to Know and Child Protection Initiatives.

Click on picture to view the moving video which tells the true story of Diana Lopez, whose tearful pleas to see her 13 year old daughter, who is undergoing a secret abortion, are harshly rejected at the front desk of a Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

2)CALIFORNIA'S PROP. 90: Battle for your land - local governments that want to snatch up private property and sell it to receive increased tax revenues are attacking Proposition 90 which will protect churches, homes and businesses from government land-grab if passed. Last year, the Supreme Court issued its infamous Kelo decision, giving city and county government officials unrestrained power to take over private property - including churches and homes - simply because they want more tax revenues by selling your property to commercial interests. Prop. 90 will prevent local governments from using the Kelo decision to take your house or church building by force.

(Hat tip: Campaign for Children and Families)

Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin — will be voting on constitutional amendments next Tuesday to define marriage as being between one man and one woman. Mona Passignano, state issues analyst for Focus on the Family Action, warns, "We've got five very strong states, but we've got three — Colorado, Arizona and Wisconsin — that are polling very close to the 50-percent margin, and in some cases, even less."


Micheal J. Fox's controversial ad to pass Missouri's Embryonic Stem Cell ballot prop has received more news coverage than the issue itself. If voters go with what Fox advocates in the ad taxpayers will fund research which results in the deaths of human embryos, for the sake of obtaining embryonic stem cells. My heart goes out to anyone dealing with diseases such as Michael’s but there is more chance of finding a cure for Parkinson’s with adult stem cells than with embryonic stem cells.


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