Friday, October 27, 2006

WOMANTALK FRIDAY: Harry Potter - Witchcraft Repackaged?

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The Dark Side Growing in Popularity

Debra Rae writes this week for WOMANTalk:
"Costumes, candy, parties, parades—even a good scare—what’s not to like? For most, Halloween trappings amount to innocent fun. But, then, only in recent years has Halloween been associated with bunny ears, apple-bobbing and taffy-pulling.

Its earliest celebrations were held by Druids, known historically for acts of violence. For hundreds of thousands of practicing pagans in the U.S. alone, Halloween and its symbolism are decidedly religious. Modern-day practitioners of witchcraft (Wiccans) consider Halloween first and preeminent of eight sabbats—one of four agriculturally-based Greater Sabbats. The Vigil of Samhain, as it is called, honors the Grim Reaper or Lord of Death." Read the rest here.

Halloween, Harry Potter, 'Teen Witch' - harmless? Or indoctrination? You may be surprised. Find out on today's show.

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