Wednesday, December 13, 2006

HOT OFF THE SHOW! More on This Year's War on Christmas

Whether it's Seattle's Airport taking down all their 'Holiday trees' so they can avoid the controversy of putting put up a Menorah, or Target Stores continuing to disallow the Salvation Army from ringing their bells and collecting coins to help the needy this year, the war on Christmas is still being waged. While some stores have relented of their Christmas censorship from last year, the Grinch spirit has convinced Best Buy, Crate & Barrel and other retailers to ban ‘Christmas’ this year, as well as schools and cities, such as Chicago which said ‘no’ to movie clips of the new movie, "The Nativity Story." Who’s responsible for this war?

Here's some links:

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This was the subject of our show on Monday. You can still hear it online:

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