Wednesday, January 17, 2007

HOT OFF THE SHOW! Yale Choir Assaulted in SF

What's the real story? A Brawl or a Botched Investigation?

On New Years Eve members of the Yale's Bakers Dozen Choir which were touring the nation singing were assaulted, sending some to the hospital, and the SFPD is under fire for not arresting the suspects, taking pictures at the scene of the crime. And people are upset!

This choir member was kicked and kicked while on the ground and suffered his jaw broken in two.

This choir member suffered a major concussion.

See more pictures here.

To add insult to injury, one SFPD investigator told a parent that the choir members (victims) were to pay for their way back to SF to be questioned because, "They are affluent and can afford it.)

My sources in law enforcement tell me… Generally...

-In SF, on New Years Eve it is hectic; lots of calls come in for brawls; when police show up people scatter, especially underage drinkers, this includes witnesses.

-When suspects are identified they do a ‘cold show’ – a line-up on the street, then arrest

-Just because arrests were not made on the scene doesn’t mean can’t be arrested during the investigation

-Have to call for a camera to come to the scene;

-It doesn't look good that the investigators waited 10 days to interview the victims; no pics, sketching reporting

This story is not going away.

See lots of links on the story here.


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