Friday, January 19, 2007

WOMANTALK FRIDAY: Reclaiming Motherhood

Great show today with Rhonda Robinson, Illinois journalist and mother of nine! And great articles by our writers this week at such as:

Navy Chaplain Court-martialed for Praying in Jesus’ Name
By Sharon Hughes

Career Pathways – Planning for Motherhood
By Julie Quist

Stop Making Sense
By Jennifer Lahl

The Strange Bedfellows – Chavez & Ahmadinejad
By Sharon Hughes

2007: A Global Forecast
By Debra Rae

Democrats Hire ‘faith advisors’ to Win in 2008
By Sharon Hughes

Are We Abandoning Israel?
By Audrey Russo

Government Shrinks in the Nursery, Part 3
By Karen R. Effrem, M.D.

Why Harry Potter is dangerous for our children? Part 3
By Caryl Matrisciana

School, the Way it Use to BE
Guest Op-Ed By Orlean Koehle

Who’s Saying What’s Ahead for 2007?
Special Edition

John Ratzenberger: A Family-Friendly Element In Tinsel Town
Whiner's Club

Don’t Let Stress Ruin your Life
Teen Cafe


Hear the show (See 1/19/07)


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