Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pope speaks out against “designer babies”

In Rome over the weekend Pope Benedict condemned genetic engineering and other scientific practices that allow people to select so-called “designer babies”. He said, “In developed countries, there is a growing interest for the most sophisticated biotechnological research to introduce subtle and extensive eugenics methods in the obsessive search for the ‘perfect child’"….

The Pope also said the right to life was increasingly under attack in the world, citing pressures to legalize abortion in Latin America, and euthanasia in the richest countries…that people are promoting euthanasia and assisted suicide for the “presumed well-being of people.” He pointed out that outside forces want pro-life nations to “liberalize new forms of chemical abortion in the name of reproductive health.”

I just interviewed Steven Mosher, President of Population Research Institute, who talked about Nicaragua which approved a sweeping law banning abortion. Their national assembly approved the bill unanimously, however, not without threats from the international community which said it would stop economic aid if they passed such a law. That show will air on March 7th, you don’t want to miss it.

But to the point… An entire nation writes into law that it will be a pro-life nation, and one of the most influential religious leaders, the Pope, continues to boldly stand for the culture of life. I wish more religious leaders would step up to the plate on this issue, not to mention more nations including the United States, instead of bowing to political correctness…fear…or dollars. I applaud Nicaragua and Pope Benedict for their courage regardless of tremendous cultural and political pressure.

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