Thursday, March 29, 2007

Physician-assisted suicide bill passes California Judiciary Committee

Well, they did it. The California Democrat-controlled Assembly Judiciary Committee passed AB374 approving doctor assisted suicide in California.

We talked about it last week and Monday of this week on the show trying to encourage folks to contact members of the committee to oppose the we have to turn to the Governor.

CONTACT THE GOVERNOR You can demand that Governor Schwarzenegger announce his opposition to AB 374

See who voted for and against AB374 here.

Randy Thomasson of the Campaign for Children and Families in California stated:

"Doctors must be healers, not killers. Depressed patients need love, family, spiritual counsel, and proven pain medication, not handed what amounts to a gun to the head. AB 374 must not become law. Because HMOs are the controlling force for so many physicians, it's inevitable that hospitals and hospices would soon view patients as more expensive alive than dead."

"The compassionate answer for terminal patients is effective pain management, not suicide. God created us, and no innocent human being between womb and tomb deserves to be murdered, no matter what it's called. Legalizing so-called 'voluntary' suicide today will lead to involuntary suicide tomorrow, as demonstrated by the ongoing Netherlands tragedy."

"What a horrifying nightmare to hear a nurse come up to you and say 'the doctor will kill you now.' Governor Schwarzenegger shouldn't allow himself or anyone else to play God. He should pledge to veto this 'Dr. Death' bill without delay."

If you agree with Randy call the governor today. Don't think someone else counted on the side of right on this.


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