Tuesday, April 17, 2007

HOT OFF THE SHOW! Black Leadership - Challenge Gore

The National Center for Public Policy Research sent out a PR a few weeks ago calling for what Sen. Inhoffe, Minority Leader of the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee, did when he challenged the former Vice President recently to practice what he preaches regarding energy use. I spoke with author, Dennis Avery, about the global warming claims of Al Gore and the baseless fears surrounding them on today's show.

Because the black leadership of Project 21 make a very good point, here's part of the PR:

"Members of the black leadership network Project 21 urge elected representatives to use Al Gore's appearances today before the House Energy and Commerce Committee and Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to ask the former Vice President about his own lavish energy consumption -- and his advocacy of a society in which only the wealthy could enjoy amenities most Americans currently take for granted, like home heating.

Gore's proposals would result in a society in which the rich get warmer and the poor get colder.

While Gore is a long-time proponent of personal energy conservation and draconian regulations to mandate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research revealed that Gore's mansion in the exclusive Belle Meade neighborhood of Nashville uses more than 20 times the national household average of electricity.

In response, Gore's office said the Gores "do the carbon emissions offset" -- such as making environment-related investments -- that allegedly neutralize the environmental harm related to their extraordinarily-high energy use.

Gore receives his offsets as a benefit from a company that he co-founded -- Generation Investment Management -- and reportedly does not pay for them himself. Interestingly, Carbon Neutral Company, which provides Generation Investment Management with its offsets, says its offsets "will be unable to reduce greenhouse gas emissions... in the short term."

Read more of the Center's information on global warming here.

Hear the show (See 4/16/07)


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