Wednesday, April 11, 2007

HOT OFF THE SHOW! School Stages "Christian Terrorists"

My 'Swirled Views' item of the week off today's LIVE show...

Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media wrote last week about Allan J. Block, owner of Block Communications, who is paying the oil-rich Arab monarchy of Qatar for the right to air Al-Jazeera English, the pro-radical Islam news agency, on his Buckeye Cable System that covers the Toledo, Ohio area. Not everyone in the viewing area is pleased. Block tells AIM that he wants to reach Toledo-area Arabs and Muslims, most of whom don’t speak Arabic, with Al-Jazeera English.

But Toledo has already been the location of one alleged terrorist plot directed against U.S. military forces. The Toledo Blade, called it a “Toledo-based plot to kill or injure U.S. troops overseas.” Associated Press reports that prosecutors claim that some of the conspirators met at a Muslim convention in Cleveland.

Then you have the press, the Guardian in particular saying he US can learn from the example set by Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in graciously releasing the 15 British sailors held hostage last week –Saying it is the direct result of Iran's goodwill This outcome offers a compelling lesson on how to deal with the wider international standoff between the US and Iran. His mood was generous. His "gift to the British people" was with immediate effect, and "he asked for no apology or other concessions."

This is the man who has called for Israel to be wiped off the map and for the downfall of America!

But if this pro-radical Islam And if these views aren’t swirled enough for you…how about this...

A public school in NJ had a mock terrorist drill depicting "Christian Fundamentalists" as terrorists! The plot included terrorists breaking into the high school, taking hostages, and shooting people. The American Center for Law and Justice is gathering a petition to object to this as deliberate bigotry. You can go to to read up on it.

The superintendant is qouted as saying that the goal was to make the drill "as realistic as possible." If so, then why didn't he use extremist Muslims who are terrorizing and murdering people daily? I’m telling you...Swirled Views like this are absolutely maddening…especially when they are taught in our schools. Are you watching your child’s classroom? You better.

Are you reading between the lines of what's being reported by the media? It's pretty sad when reading the paper or watching the news creates added stress to our lives. Not because of the news, but because we can't trust if what is reported is accurate.


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