Wednesday, May 02, 2007

HOT OFF THE SHOW! - May Day Illegal Aliens

May lst - May Day - illegal aliens protested throughout the streets of America, demanding equal rights for every immigrant, including illegals, in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Dallas, as well as other cities, chanting...

"We are indigenous! The ONLY owners of this continent!" "No human is illegal!"

While that's true that 'no human is illegal' - you can be an illegal immigrant, not only here in America, but in other countries, which have the right to establish laws governing their borders and immigration policies.

But illegal immigrants in the U.S. wanting every law and proposed law to go from: "anti-immigrant legislation" and "the criminalization of the immigrant communities" to "militarization of the border," "immigrant detention and deportation," and "guest worker programs and employer sanctions."

They want an easy "path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants," "speedy family reunification," access to all "civil rights" and "labor rights" as well as education, and special rights for "LGBT immigrants."

While San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome declared the City by the Bay as a sanctuary for illegal immigrants last week, protesters marched on Sacramento, California this week against HR1645 demanding full immigrant rights for all. And banks are on the same side. Here's the mentality of Wells Fargo Bank for instance...
"We're not required to ask the immigration status of any of our customers. That is the responsibility of the federal government," - Wells Fargo bank representative Jerry Ruiz
May Day, no longer thought of as a day of little girls dancing around a May Pole with flowers, it is synonymous now with various socialist and labor movement 'celebrations' around the world... International Workers' Day has become May Day, with communists and anarchists joining those filling the streets of America in protest.

And pictures really are worth a thousand words...what do you think?

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