Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Free Compean and Ramos!

Border Agent Compean

Border Agent Ramos

From Grasstopsusa:
At today's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Congressman Duncan Hunter said:

"[The] U.S. government sadly decided to side with the drug dealer and prosecute agents Compean and Ramos for simply fulfilling their duties as Border patrolmen."

"The men and women of the Border Patrol are certainly not above the laws they are empowered to enforce... But they must also know that when they must apply the necessary and appropriate level of force, their government will not work aggressively to ensure they are punished while lawlessness is rewarded."

And Hunter added that pardoning former Border Agents Compean and Ramos is the only way "to correct this terrible injustice."

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher added:

"The decision to give immunity to the drug dealer and throw the book at the border patrol agents was a prosecutorial travesty. The whole episode stinks to high heaven."

Even Democrat Dianne Feinstein called the more than decade long sentences handed down to Compean and Ramos, excessive and vowed to look further into why prosecutors charged the men with a violation that requires a mandatory 10-year sentence.

Do you remember Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, the two Border Patrol agents who are serving a combined 23 years in prison for trying to arrest an illegal alien drug smuggler?

Apparently some in Washington D.C. have forgotten them...
Complete amnesia.

Ramos and Compean have been in prison for over six months now.
And its been more than five months since a gang of illegal aliens
attempted to murder Ramos in prison.

TAKE ACTION: FREE Compean & Ramos!


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