Wednesday, August 01, 2007

21 Korean Hostages Still Alive after Wednesday Deadline Threat

The remaining 21 Hostages...please pray for them

Breitbart reports: The Taliban's Wednesday deadline for the release of prisoners in exchange for the lives of the remaining 21 South Korean Christians taken hostage passed Wednesday with a Taliban spokesman saying none had been harmed, but that two female hostages were 'very sick and could die from illness.'

On Tuesday, Afghan police found the body of a second hostage slain since the Christians were taken two weeks ago. The demand is for eight militant prisoners, which includes some held by the U.S. at its Bagram base, had to be released or more hostages would die.

The Taliban militia has killed two of the male captives after two previous deadlines were not met.

South Korea is sending a parliamentary delegation to the United States to seek help in resolving this crisis. Relatives of the hostages pleaded for help at the U.S. embassy in the South Korean capital.

The 23 South Koreans were kidnapped on July 19 while riding a bus on the Kabul-Kandahar highway. This is the largest group of hostages seized in Afghanistan since the U.S. invasion that drove the Taliban from power.

Michelle Malkin has more.


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