Monday, October 01, 2007

On Today's Show: The Supreme Court with Phyllis Schlafly

The Supreme Court returned to work on their 'First Monday in October', the official date of their new year with much on the docket of cases they will tackle in the weeks to come on terrorism, lethal injection, cocaine sentencing, child pornography, all of which will likely effect the upcoming election. My guest on the show today, Phyllis Schlafly discussed the high court and her relevant book, "The Supremacists.

The Court appears to be sidestepping two church-state cases that conservatives hoped would be considered. One, a challenge by religious groups to a New York law requiring health plans to cover birth control pills, and a case in California about an evangelical group that was denied use of a public library for religious services. Read more.

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Justice Thomas' interview on FOX News Hannity & Colmes tonight was excellent. It will air again on Hannity's America this coming weekend.

You can get his book, "My Grandfather's Son" on Amazon.

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