Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sunday School for Atheists?

In Palo Alto, California, my part of the woods, a strange thing is happening...atheist parents want what church-going families have...but without God.

Most parents who don't believe in God spend Sundays at their kids' soccer game, or shopping for the wekk, or just taking the day off. But some think they need something more for their children.

Time Magazine reports:
"'When you have kids,' says Julie Willey, a design engineer, 'you start to notice that your co-workers or friends have church groups to help teach their kids values and to be able to lean on.' So every week, Willey, who was raised Buddhist and says she has never believed in God, and her husband pack their four kids into their blue minivan and head to the Humanist Community Center in Palo Alto, Calif., for atheist Sunday school.

An estimated 14% of Americans profess to have no religion, and among 18-to-25-year-olds, the proportion rises to 20%, according to the Institute for Humanist Studies. The lives of these young people would be much easier, adult nonbelievers say, if they learned at an early age how to respond to the God-fearing majority in the U.S. "It's important for kids not to look weird," says Peter Bishop, who leads the preteen class at the Humanist center in Palo Alto. Others say the weekly instruction supports their position that it's O.K. to not believe in God and gives them a place to reinforce the morals and values they want their children to have. The pioneering Palo Alto program began three years ago, and like-minded communities in Phoenix, Albuquerque, N.M., and Portland, Ore., plan to start similar classes next spring."

Is this for real? Or is it part of the new atheism's 'Coming Out' strategy?

doubleplusundead writes about this:
"Richard Dawkins Calling On Other Atheists To Wear a Unifying Symbol In New Campaign
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Interesting...almost like a cross, six pointed star, or even a star and crescent, but even better! A big scarlet "A." Get it, because they're persecuted like Hester Prynne. Also like the Scarlet Letter(or anything written by Hawthorne), Evangelical Atheists are also tedious and annoying as hell.

Sorry, but if you can sit there and tell me Evangelical Atheists aren't trying to build the functional equivalent of a religion at this point, you're in denial. This brand of Atheism IS a religious movement, if you're one of these types of Atheists, you need to quit acting like the NYT and just admit what you're agenda is, I don't even care that you are Atheists, just admit its a religious movement."

Watch, just like the gay community...new atheism will move mainstream.


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