Friday, April 24, 2009

Miss USA Judge Removes Blog Post After Death Threats

After judging the Miss USA Contest, Alicia Jacobs, an entertainment reporter and former Miss Nevada USA, discussed her vote in the pageant, including her thoughts on Miss California's answer to Perez Hilton's question on legalizing same-sex marriage. Jacobs wrote: "If Carrie Prejean is against gay marriage, she certainly has that right, but, if it was her intention to be MISS USA (and I think it was) why not answer that question with diplomacy & heart?" That brought threats.


Kriston Dalton, the new Miss America, came to Prejean's defense, but also said, "I think all couples should be able to be recognized legally. And they should be able to enter into a union." So while the two beauties look very much alike, they are nothing alike in their values on this one.

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