Wednesday, June 24, 2009

La Raza Demands Obama Healthcare Cover Illegal Aliens

The National Council of La Raza (an organization Judge Sotomayor is a member of) has called on Congress to ensure that illegal aliens are covered in Obama's new healthcare reform.

American Renaissance reports: "La Raza's statement "strongly urge[d] President Obama and Congress to make every effort to ensure that health care reform reaches all communities" in the United States, and stressed that "one out of every three uninsured persons and roughly 40% of all uninsured children [in the United States] are Latino," and demanded "health care reform that makes coverage affordable and accessible for everyone-all families and all children."

La Raza President and CEO Janet MurguĂ­a used the statement to emphasize that "everyone in the U.S. should contribute to a new health system," and that "Latinos [would] accept their responsibility" to contribute to a new health care system and "will pay their fair share for the health coverage they need." While the statement does not reference illegal immigration specifically, or distinguish between legal and illegal aliens, it does express concern that adding new, expensive verification and documentation procedures for immigrants would "severely restrict access to health care coverage." (La Raza Press Release, June 15, 2009).

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