Tuesday, June 16, 2009

School District to Expand to Finger Scanning

Hudson -- Hoping to build on the success of the biometric finger scan pilot program which began earlier this year, Maureen Faron, district food service supervisor, announced the program will be expanded to three more schools next year.

Faron said the program assigns an identification number to a student, according to the ridges of the fingerprints. The print, or scan, acts like a debit card, deducting money for the student's lunch from an existing account.

The program has been used at the high school and McDowell Elementary School. Faron said 361 students at McDowell and 371 at the high school enrolled in the program.

The cost would be $25,500, which would purchase 17 new scanners at $1,500 each, Faron said. A 10 percent discount would be available if the remaining scanning units are purchased at one time, she added.

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