Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Uniting Europe Seeks a Leader

Terry James writing for Bible Prophecy Today reports:
The European Union (EU) continues to boil within a hotbed of dynamic worldwide economic upheaval. Creation and establishment of a permanent president of the EU is the prime issue on the front burner. Tony Blair, former British prime minister, is at the center of the search for a powerful leader who can take the member states into a position many of the EU architects elite believe will be above that of America as the great world super-nation state. This attitude is reflected in the following statement by an EU letter to the editor.

The EU is on the point of an important change. The American Empire is starting to die and the EU will, slowly and surely, be taking over its role and influence. It is already happening financially as the euro emerges as the world's most reliable currency. Politically too, the EU with its "soft power" is becoming a major diplomatic force. We Europeans are, after more than 60 years, finally ridding ourselves of our dependence on and subservience to the U.S., a fact already recognized by serious politicians on the European mainland. (Rapture Ready News, 10/14/09).

Tony Blair seems the present favorite to be the first permanent EU president. This is due in large part to the strong backing of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Blair's behalf for the $275,000-a-year post.

Blair's leading up the list for the position, however, isn't without considerable opposition. Many who object claim that Blair has been too close to the U.S., especially in the matter of support for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq and subsequent continuing presence there in order to assure against an occupation by Mid-East terrorist forces.

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