Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Climategate & Copenhagen

Our friend Marc Morano is at Copenhagen this week for the United Nations Climate Change Conference which begins today and will give us a report when he returns.

In the meantime, President Obama is still planning to go, even though Al Gore has declined after the scandal of Climategate. (Gore had a special meeting with Obama today to 'compare notes' for Copenhagen).

What will Obama say and do (and commit the United States to) while there? THAT is the most important aspect of this controversy.

Climategate - it has been exposed that global warming scientists have been cooking the books, ie falsifying data to 'prove' there is man-made global warming. This is the biggest science-scam in all history! And Obama's Science Czar, John Holdren, is linked to Climategate, that has scientists scrambling ever since information was leaked to the press from emails between fellow scientists caught falsifying data.

Now we know why global-warming enthusists like Al Gore don't practice what they preach -- because it's not true!

As The Heritage Foundation reports: "Despite the fact that the entire conference is founded on the belief that human economic activity, especially flying and driving, is emitting levels of greenhouse gasses that will soon kill us all, plutocrats from around the world have marshaled over 1,200 limos and 140 private planes to travel to and around Copenhagen over the next two weeks."

Not only that, but according to U.N.'s own data, between 2000 and 2006, the 27 European signatories of the Kyoto Treaty requiring them to decrease greenhouse emissions, actually increased their emissions by 0.1%. Canada saw a 21.3% emissions rise! Meanwhile, the (big-bad) U.S., which was not bound by the treaty since the U.S. Senate voted 95-0 against the treaty, actually reduced our emissions by 3% over the same time period!

Reuters reported today: "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ruled that greenhouse gases endanger human health, allowing it to regulate planet-warming gases without legislation from the Senate, where a bill to cut U.S. emissions by 2020 is stalled. The ruling was welcomed at the opening day of December 7-18 talks in Copenhagen, where a record 15,000 participants are trying to work out the first new U.N. pact in 12 years to combat rising seas, desertification, floods and cyclones."

As Glenn Beck pointed out in his show today -- this will allow the coal industry to be regulated along with other top industries which means more job losses.

What in the world is 'climate justice'?

See some of the quotes from the first day of the conference HERE.

We talk about this, "climate debt", on the show today, as we talk more about Science Czar, John Holdren. Wait to you hear how he thinks redistribution should work.

Show on this subject now online, Listen here (See 12/7/09)

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Anonymous said...

Monckton Says Secretive Copenhagen Treaty Creates Global Government Tax
“We’re looking at a grab for absolute power and absolute financial control worldwide by the UN and its associated bureaucracies and 700 new bureaucratic bodies,” said Monckton.
Speaking about how such draconian measures were being forced through despite the recent scandal surrounding how key IPCC-affiliated scientists conspired to “hide the decline in global warming, Monckton emphasized how the climate change establishment were still ludicrously attempting to downplay the significance of the climategate emails by merely repeating their already discredited propaganda about global warming.
“What has happened is that the mainstream media has done themselves terrible damage by signing up to this climate nonsense and then by servilely refusing to admit that climategate was happening, admit how serious it was and simply inform their readers of what was actually in these emails,” said Monckton, “Admissions that while they’re telling us, as the Met Office did just today, that today is the warmest decade since records began 150 years ago, privately what they’re saying in the climategate emails is ‘hey look we’ve got a temperature which has been falling and we can’t explain why and it’s a travesty that we can’t explain why’ – so they’re saying one thing to us publicly to maintain the scare that’s making them rich, and that’s what’s called fraud, it’s criminal fraud, and on the other hand they’re saying privately ‘oh dear oh dear we can’t account for the fact that there’s been no warming for the last 15 years’”.Monckton said that the Copenhagen treaty meant America was in “immediate peril” of losing its freedom to a “sinister dictatorship” being formed under the contrived pretext of global warming. infowars.com
Check out the Copenhagen Document Leaks : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W7vrgW8GTQ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94KH-WMZuw0 - Tells how they will get rid of UN and use IMF to tax you!
Protest the False Climate Measurments being used in the Copenhagen Treaty: http://www.gopetition.com/online/32485.html