Thursday, February 18, 2010

Healthcare Plan Doubles Marriage Penalty

WORLDNETDAILY reports -- Bill pending in Congress that would nationalize healthcare by setting up mandatory insurance purchases and fines for not complying could penalize married couples $10,000 annually. The Democrats' health care legislation essentially would restore the old "marriage penalty. Under the U.S. Tax Code for many years, people who were married and had two incomes paid income tax on the second income that started at the highest rate for taxes on the first income. A husband's first $5,000 in income was taxed at the same – or next higher rate – as the wife's highest $5,000 in income in a year. However, if the two people were living together without marriage, the incomes were separate, and the second income would be taxed starting at the lowest rate of the tax table. The new health-care provisions restore the penality and double it.

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