Thursday, April 08, 2010

Amnesty Next - I Hear You

Now that healthcare has been passed much to the dismay of most Americans...what's next on the president's agenda? Folks have been filling our inbox with feedback and talking about this on our facebook page...for instance:

Barbara Mabray acquire votes.
Joe Rochelle
Amnesty then Nationalize the Oil Industry under Cap n Trade
Lynda Rose McMahan
Decimate the radio broadcasting industry
Lisa Evanoff
Amnesty and internet taxes

And it continues to be 3 out of 4 say Amnesty. And I agree.

But what should be the #1 issue vs. what will be Obama's next push? JOBS!

You heard the president reporting 'good news' that 162,000 jobs were created last month - however, he failed to emphasize that unemployment continued to rise -- and is still at 9.7%.

But you watch...Amnesty and then Cap & Trade will be the next big pushes.

We talked about this on Wednesday's show with a Congressional Candidate and Tea Party movement organizer...a representation of what is happening across the push those in Congress now, out.

FYI - What Others are Saying:
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