Monday, September 13, 2010

"One World Trade Center" will be Tallest Building In Ameria

NDTV -- Nearly nine-years after the World Trade Center towers were destroyed, a 50-ton steel column, salvaged from the wreckage, was hoisted into place. It will serve as part of the entryway to the underground 9-11 Memorial and Museum, which will open next year. The memorial, which includes two reflective pools in the footprints of the destroyed twin towers, will comprise 8 acres of the 16-acre ground zero site. The building, "One World Trade Center" is nearly 40 stories high now, and grows daily. When completed and opened in 2013, it will be the tallest building in North America. Also visible on the skyline is 'Four World Trade Center', on-schedule to open by 2013 as well. Workers are laying the foundations of two other buildings, called "Two World Trade Center" and "Three World Trade Center." And "Seven World Trade Center" is already built and people go to work their every day.

Full Story and view Video of proposed buildings

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