Monday, November 29, 2010

WikiLeaks Leaks - No good. Period.

The latest in WikiLeaks leaks is an attempt is not to hold gov't accountable, but rather to weaken America. Michelle Malkin points out from HotAir: "Wikileaks would have you believe that confidential government communications are so inherently anti-democratic that exposing them is virtually always in the public interest, no matter what collateral damage might result. No country in the world has ever followed that standard and no country ever will."

As the BBC reports -- "UK operations in Afghanistan are criticised in US State Department files released by the Wikileaks website, according to the Guardian. The paper is one of several around the world carrying the latest files to be published by the whistleblowing site. They include criticism of David Cameron and refer to inappropriate remarks by Prince Andrew about a law enforcement agency and foreign country, it says. Publishing the files risks national security, the Foreign Office says. The leaked US embassy cables reportedly include accounts of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia urging the US to bomb Iran, Afghan government corruption, Iranian attempts to modify North Korean rockets as missiles and alleged links between the Russian government and organised crime." full story

Look, you may not agree with a current administration, or a government period, but to leak information such as this does only harm, and no good at all. period.

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