Monday, June 27, 2011

Californians Leaving State in Mass

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The above map shows some of the largest inter-state migration. The statistics are already old as the number leaving California has increased...

The Orange County Register reported: "Does California seem a little less crowded these days? Maybe it's the 870,550 people who moved out of state. That's like the whole city of San Francisco just up and left.

"Chapman University economist Esmael Adibi highlighted the huge outflow of Californians last week during the school's mid-year economic forecast update.

"The primary reason they left is jobs," Adibi said. "But the second reason was (high) housing prices. And what was their favorite destination when they moved? If you guessed Texas, you would be wrong. Arizona was the No. 1 choice for relocation. Texas was second." Read the rest.

As I see it -- The Solution? Lower taxes, less regulation and less spending. This would result in the reverse - people moving into California - and the state would see an increase of revenues. It's really that simple.

What say you?

Today's show expands on this issue even more!

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