Thursday, August 25, 2011

High School Reinstates Teacher After Comments on Facebook

High School Reinstates Teacher After Comments on Facebook

Jerry Buell, the Lake County teacher who was suspended after making anti-gay comments on Facebook, said he's looking forward to getting back into the classroom, moments after the district's superintendent reinstated him on Wednesday.

Buell will return to his class on Thursday.

"If I did not stand up for my rights after telling my students to stand up for their rights then I would be a hypocrite," the Mount Dora High social studies teacher said as he stood in front the school district's offices with his attorney and wife. "It's been a lesson. It's been a heck of a lesson."

Whether Buell was actually reprimanded or sanctioned by school officials after a one hour meeting with school Superintendent Susan Moxley will not be made public for 10 days. School officials said only that a "written directive" was placed in Buell's personnel file.

School's spokesperson Chris Patton said he could not elaborate on whether the directive would affect any future promotions with the Lake County Schools.

The case has drawn national attention with both the American Civil Liberties Union and the ultra-conservative Liberty Counsel backing Buell's right to speak his mind. The Liberty Counsel represented Buell throughout the investigation and at Wednesday's meeting.

"Today is a great day for the Constitution and for the First Amendment," Buell's attorney Harry Mihet of the Liberty Council said. "His views were the views of a majority of Americans and certainly of a majority of Floridians."

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