Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Abbas Holding Obama's feet to the fire?

Very interesting twist to the PA push for UN recognized statehood.

As The Blaze reports:

"The Palestinian Authority is pulling out all the stops in their bid for United Nations statehood recognition on Sept. 20 - including using President Barack Obama's own words, Reuters reported Wednesday.

A new 36-second radio ad to drum up support for the statehood campaign features a clip from Obama's speech to the 2010 U.N. General Assembly, in which he alluded to the possibility of a Palestinian state being able to join the international body "next year."

"When we come back here next year, we can have an agreement that can lead to a new member of the United Nations, an independent, sovereign state of Palestine living in peace with Israel," Obama said in his 2010 speech to the U.N.

Obama's words were couched in terms of restarting Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, and U.S. officials sought to downplay the statement at the time as simply an expression of hope."

Read more.

Read Pres. Obama's promises to the Palestinians in 2010.

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