Monday, November 14, 2011

November is "Leave a Legacy" Month - Support our Troops

Freedom is the God-Given right that our nation was founded on, thanks to the Pilgrims, the Founders, our Troops and the citizens of America in every generation who were vigilant to 'keep it'. Each one left this legacy for us, and it is our turn to leave a legacy for the next generation...a legacy of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and faith in the God who gave us freedom. This is a noble cause that only eternity will tell the full story of, and declaring the truth is key to freedom. That is our goal on each radio show, in each article written, and everything we do. Join us - it's our turn!

Pictures of our "Honor our Troops Event" now posted
at Petaluma360HERE.(see Operation Heartlift)

What's Next? Mission: Christmas Care
Survival Bracelets & Goodies to our Troops overseas.
Every $10 buys & ships a Survival Bracelet for a Troop that just may save their life in combat. Can be used as a tourniquet and much more.

Please send your donations this month to:
Changing Worldviews/Operation Heartlift
PO Box 750624
Petaluma, CA 94975-0624

OHL website

More at Changing Worldviews
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