Thursday, November 03, 2011

Population Control Crazies & Whiners

If it isn't enough that population control advocates call for major population reduction as well as controlling new births, such as Ted Turner, (see list here of other World's Richest Population Controllers) as we talked about on today's show, they also whine that more people aren't willing to talk about their ideas.

As Clay Waters at Times Watch pointed out:

"New York Times reporter Mireya Navarro wrote in Tuesday's edition sympathetically about the struggle of an environmental group "breaking the taboo" of discussing overpopulation in

"Breaking a Long Silence On Population Control." Such groups had it easier in the 1970s, Navarro wrote, before the rise of "social conservatism" and America's "aversion to anything perceived as restricting individual freedoms, be it the right to bear arms or children." Unfortunately, "the notion that curbing births is an effective way to control emissions is not an easy sell.

"Navarro is disturbed by the lack of population control in movies as well; she actually criticized the comedy "Knocked Up" in June 2007 for failing to hail abortion as an option in the plot and included this telling sentence: "Many conservative bloggers have claimed 'Knocked Up' as an anti-choice movie, in part because the movie never presents abortion as a serious option." Pro-life conservatives generally don't go around using liberal lingo like "anti-choice."

"From her Tuesday story: Major American environmental groups have dodged the subject of population control for decades, wary of getting caught up in the bruising politics of reproductive health."
(read the rest).

Is the world overpopulated? What are the agendas of the "World's Richest Population Controllers"? And how does population reduction hurt...the economy? You'll have to listen to my interview today with Steven Mosher, President of Population Research Institute, and world renowned expert on this issue, to find out. (see last link below and date 11/2/11).

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