Monday, September 09, 2013

No More War, Mr. President!

The American people overwhelmingly are saying, 'No more war, Mr. President!'

Pres. Obama's push for war with Syria is reminiscent of the controversy after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 when Pres. George W. Bush wanted to go in and take out Iraq's Saddam Hussein...

-Opposition at home.

-Trouble getting allies and the UN to agree and engage with the U.S.

-Difficulty proving the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; this time proving Syria's Assad was responsible for chemical weapons used, initially.

But. here's the obvious difference: the war with Iraq followed on the heels of Afghanistan as a result of 9/11. We were attacked here at home, emotions and resolve were high. There was reason/argument for connecting the dots with Iraq because of Saddam Hussein's actions and agenda, even against America.

Just for the record, here is what leaders on the Left said in favor of going into Iraq.

With Syria...the reasons given by the Obama administration have not been convincing to the majority of Americans, especially with respect to how attacking Syria is a national security, or not doing so threatens the safety of Americans. And, as several of our Troops have would mean fighting for Al Qaeda...who are killing Christians and eating the hearts of enemy soldiers.

Well, you say, 'Sharon, Assad has killed innocent women and children.' And that is true... but the question is -- why didn't Obama push for U.S. military action against Assad when he killed 100,000+ prior to the use of chemical weapons? Why now, when the chemical weapons attack killed only (and I use that word, very sensitive to the fact that the use of chemical weapons on even one person is horrific) 1400+?

Again, you might say, 'But, Sharon, he used chemical weapons!'  That's true, but isn't it the job of the UN to police and 'punish' for such actions? Not, the United States, unless we are attacked? 

However, as you can see here, the UN hss not taken the lead.

If the U.S. goes in with military attacks against Syria, Iran and Russia have threatened retaliation. And Assad warned this past Sunday in interview with CBS's Charlie Rose, that we should "expect every action" in retaliation...

"You should expect everything. Not necessarily from the government," Assad said in his first television interview since Obama
sought congressional approval for military action.

In an obvious reference to his allies, Iran and Hezbollah, et al, Assad warned that Syria is
"not the only player in this region."

The majority of Americans get it. As a matter of fact, CNN reported that --

"After a decade of war in the Middle East, the poll now shows that nearly two-thirds of the public say the U.S. should be very reluctant to use military force around the world."

CNN also reported on their latest CNN/ORC International poll that Americans are split on whether President Obama is honest and trustworthy.

This entire situation is more than serious, and if not handled with the utmost of wisdom, we could see the outbreak of WWIII in the Middle East, and it is no mistake to note that America will be greatly impacted.
I spoke with Erick Stakelbeck, author of "The Brotherhood, America's Next Great Enemy" on my radio show archived now HERE.

America is war-weary. Our Troops have been fighting wars for 12 years at great cost. And the message to the President is, "No more war!"

Just saying it like it is...

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