Wednesday, March 18, 2015


On the Air this Sunday we'll talk about the Top News Stories of the Week, then...  

The Unprecedented Power Grabs of The Clintons...Hillary's latest scandal with Email-gate, comes after a long string of scandals that both she and her
former husband Bill have been involved in, from Benghazi-gate to Lewinsky-gate,
et al. Guest Kathleen Wiley, author of "Target - Caught in the Crosshairs
of Bill and Hillary Clinton,
" gives a first-hand account of just one Clinton-scandal that involved her (and her husband). 

And the Unprecedented Power Grab of Barack Obama...Pres. Obama may not have signed as many Executive Orders as George W. Bush (yet), but the ones he has signed
demonstrate the unprecedented power grab he is engaged in, including bypassing
Congress (27 times on ObamaCare alone)! Plus, a look at his 'Civilian Security Force' that is 'to be just as strong, just as well funded' as our military.

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